Welcome to Sunvest

The developer of Natural Solar Parks

Lammetjes voor zonnepark Molenbosch


The developer of natural solar parks

Sunvest wants to contribute to coating global warming and the descrease in biodiversity.

Careful landscape integration

We want to make our contribution by developing, building and operating 'Natural Solar Parks'. These are solar parks that provide green energy and contribute to improving local biodiversity.

Fair distribution of benefits and burdens

An integral part of the development of a Natural Solar Park is a fair distribution of the benefits and burdens. We therefore work closely with local residents, local authorities and the local community involved.

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Why Sunvest?

What we stand for

Natural solar parks

Natural solar parks are characterized by a careful landscape integration with a great deal of attention for the promotion of regional flora and fauna on and around the solar park.

Local society

We share the benefits and burdens of the solar park fairly with the local community and are transparent in this. Where possible, we work together with a local energy cooperative, whereby we agree that the profit from the park will end up with people locally as much as possible.

Agricultural roots

Solar parks are often established in the (agricultural) outlying area. We understand the agricultural sector, know the challenges and the value of the land and soil. We think it is important that our solar park contributes to the farmer's business operations and blends into the agricultural environment.

Integrated approach

We develop, finance, build and manage our projects ourselves during the entire operating period. We have all the necessary knowledge for this.

Natural solar parks

Careful integration into the landscape and a lot of attention for regional flora and fauna.

Agricultural environment

We think it is important that our solar parks contributes to the farmer’s buiness operations and blend into the agricultural environment

Sunvest makes a winning plan for your land

Participate in a tender in your local authority?

On the page of current search areas you can find muncipalities where a tender will arrive soon! Sunvest has participated in and won many yenders in recent years. Those solar parks are now under development or have already been built.


Stay informed of the latest developments

We regularly publish about our parks, but also about sustainability and the energy transition in general.