Developer of Nature Inclusive Solar Parks

About Sunvest

We are a Dutch-French project developer that builds and operates solar parks of 20 hectares and more in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Sunvest is unique in designing ‘Nature Inclusive solar Parks’.

In fact, during the realisation of our solar parks, we work closely with all our stakeholders aiming to create a landscape that adds value to society and the environment. We also offer various opportunities for local communities to participate in the project process and to benefit financially.

For landowners

For nature and landscape

For local communities

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Solar panels

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Supplying green electricity to households


    Sunvest was founded ten years ago by two farmers' sons. They started installing solar panels on agricultural roofs in the vicinity of Utrecht under the name of ProfiNRG. Since then, ProfiNRG has become a successful builder of solar roofs and ground-mounted solar parks. In the 10 years of its existence, ProfiNRG has already built more than 1,000 rooftop systems and 10 solar parks. ProfiNRG has remained true to its agricultural roots. In 2018, the founders created Sunvest. From day one, Sunvest has focused on the development of solar parks by nature.

    Agrarische sector


      The founders of Sunvest strongly believe that an organisation can best serve its stakeholders if it has most of this knowledge in-house. We are working towards our goals with a team of experts in new technologies, construction, maintenance, ecology, financing and operation. This ambition is to realise solar parks with added value for the landscape, nature, the owner and the local community.

      Our promises

      We are building a sustainable future

      Nature Inclusive solar parks

      Sunvest will develop and operate solar parks by nature. For all our parks, we will take concrete and verifiable measures to enhance local biodiversity. Once our parks are dismantled, we will reuse the materials used. If we own the land, we will offer the it after use for agricultural activities or for sustainable development projects.

      Local community

      We share the benefits and burdens of the solar park equitably with the local community. In the majority of projects, we collaborate with the local energy cooperatives. In consultation with the local population, we can set up participatory financing with a fixed interest rate and term. The citizens invest in the solar park and receive an attractive return on their investment. We pay a lot of attention to the integration of the project into the landscape and thus create added value for the local environment. We also provide educational material to local primary schools to teach pupils about sustainable energy and nature conservation.

      Agricultural view

      We think along with the landowner. With our agricultural background and 10 years of experience in sustainable development, we know the issues of landowners and the value of their land. Therefore, we look for degraded or polluted land, or land for temporary use for industry or infrastructure. The land we use is utilised in an optimal way by maximising the energy yield per unit area.

      Integrated approach

      Sunvest has all the expertise needed to develop, build, operate and maintain its solar parks. From the first day of development to the last day of operation, we control every stage of the park's life and we will be your single point of contact. Our integrated approach is designed to benefit nature, the local area and the landowners.

      The strength of Sunvest

      “We have all the necessary knowledge to develop and operate Nature Inclusive Solar Parks in-house.”

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