Developer of Natural Solar Parks

About Sunvest

We are a French-Dutch project developer that develops and operates solar parks from 20 hectares in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Sunvest distinguishes itself by designing ‘Natural Solar Parks’.

This means that in the realisation of our solar parks we work closely together with all our stakeholders, strive for a landscape that provides added value for society and the natural environment and offer various opportunities for the local environment to participate in the realisation process and benefit financially from the arrival of the solar park. Our promises can be found further on this page.

For landowners

For nature and landscape

For the local community

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Supplying green electricity to households


    Sunvest originated in the agricultural sector. Sunvest was founded by 2 farmers' sons who started installing solar panels on agricultural roofs in the vicinity of Utrecht 10 years ago. They did this under the name ProfiNRG. Since then ProfiNRG has grown into a successful builder of solar roofs and solar parks. In the 10 years of its existence ProfiNRG has already realized more than 1000 systems on roofs and 10 solar parks. ProfiNRG has remained true to its agricultural origins. In 2018, the founders established Sunvest. From day one Sunvest has focused on the development of solar parks primarily in the (agricultural) countryside.


      The founders of Sunvest believe that an organisation can best serve its stakeholders if it has as much knowledge as possible in-house. We work on realising our ambitions in a compact team with knowledge of technology, construction, service, maintenance, ecology, financing and exploitation. This ambition is aimed at realising solar parks with added value for the landscape, nature, the (agricultural) landowner and the local community. We are currently doing this in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In the longer term, we hope to do this in many more countries.

      Our promises

      We are building a sustainable future

      Natural solar parks

      We will only develop and operate Natural Solar Parks For all our solar parks, we will take concrete and verifiable measures to improve local biodiversity We will have our parks built to be as nitrogen neutral as possible. This means that, where possible, we build with electrical materials charged with sunlight from one of our solar parks We reuse the materials used when our solar parks are dismantled After we have dismantled the solar park and if we own the land, we offer this land for recycling agriculture or nature development

      Local community

      We share the joys and burdens of the solar park fairly with the local community. In almost all projects, we work together with the local energy cooperative. We usually donate part of the yield to local nature, circular agriculture or sustainable energy initiatives. We integrate the wishes of the local residents into all our processes and designs We create added value for the local environment with our parks by paying great attention to integration into the landscape We initiate a local rooftop solar initiative in the local community with each solar park. We enable the community to benefit from our purchasing advantages on panels and inverters. We provide educational materials for local primary schools to teach students about sustainable energy and the protection of our nature.

      Agricultural view

      We think along with the (agricultural) land owner. Solar parks are often established in the (agricultural) countryside. Thanks to our agricultural origins and 10 years of experience in this sector, we speak the farmers' language, we know their challenges and the value of their land. Good agricultural land is scarce and therefore we treat it with care. We look for degraded or polluted land, or land with a temporary use for industry or infrastructure. The land that we take into use is used optimally by maximising the energy yield per hectare of land area within the agreed preconditions.

      Integrated approach

      We have all the necessary knowledge to develop and operate Natural Solar Parks in-house. We keep our solar parks under our own management and usually also build them ourselves. In this way, we ensure that our promises are kept. We are convinced that this is the main reason why more than 80% of the initiatives we take actually result in a solar park. Our first solar parks have already been successfully built and are operational.

      The strength of Sunvest

      “We have all the necessary knowledge to develop and operate Natural Solar Parks in-house. ”