Why Sunvest

What we stand for

Nature Inclusive Solar Parks

Nature Inclusive Solar Parks are characterised by careful landscaping with a lot of attention for the promotion of local flora and fauna in and around the solar park. 

Local community

We share the benefits and burdens of the solar park fairly with the local community and are transparent in this regard. Where possible, we will work together with a local energy cooperative, agreeing that the benefits of the park will accrue as much as possible to local people. 

Agricultural roots

Solar parks are often established in rural or agricultural areas with very low agronomic value. We understand the agricultural sector, know the challenges and the value of the land and soil. 

Integrated approach

We develop, finance, build and operate our projects ourselves throughout the entire operational period. Sunvest have all the necessary knowledge for this in-house. 

Nature Inclusive Solar Parks

Careful integration into the landscape and a lot of attention for regional flora and fauna.

Integrated approach

We develop, build and manage our projects ourselves during the entire exploitation period.