Construction of

Natural solar parks

Start of construction

Once the financing is organised and all contracts with suppliers have been concluded, the construction phase can begin. The grid operator lays the grid connection, the substructure for the panels is installed and the solar panels are mounted. Our specialised technicians install the electrical infrastructure (transformers, inverters and cabling). The landscaping and green areas will be realised in parallel.

Nitrogen-free building

We have our parks built as nitrogen neutral as possible. Building maximum nitrogen-free means in practice that the necessary equipment with combustion engines is replaced as much as possible by electrical equipment. Some of this equipment is already available (mini diggers, telehandlers) and some is not yet available (pile rigs, mobile cranes). Of course, it is important for the application to have sufficient availability of sufficient power. This can be done by means of a temporary construction power connection, replaceable batteries or transformer stations of the solar park to be constructed.