Stable source of income

Competitive land fee

More and more landowners are seeing the benefits of a solar park on their land. There are two options for this: lease or purchase. We offer a competitive ground rent. Sunvest is your permanent point of contact throughout the entire process - from design to installation and maintenance.

Diversification and income growth

Landowners, banks and agricultural advisers regard the lease of land for a solar farm as a favourable and secure source of income. If you lease your land to Sunvest, you create financial scope for purchasing more property, new business assets and other business investments.

Intermediate form: Combined land use

With combined land use the solar panels and associated equipment occupy about 60% of the leased land. This leaves part of the land available. Sheep or goats can graze among the solar panels, or you can have poultry scratch under the panels. If there is more space available, crops can also be grown. Combined land use also offers tax advantages.

Management fee

In addition to the annual land fee, we can pay a management fee for mowing the grass and trimming the hedges. Agreements about this will be laid down in a green management plan.

Extra income

We offer a competitive land fee. Both for lease and for sale.

Combined land use

Let your livestock or poultry scratch between the solar panels. 

Free range poultry farmer

Sunvest understands agriculture just as well as sustainable energy. A well-designed solar park is really easy to integrate into an agricultural business. This is where we make a difference