Development approach

Natural Solar Parks

Sunvest develops, builds and operates solar parks in close collaboration with landowners, local residents, stakeholders, the municipality and the province. During development we go through five steps.

Searching for suitable plots

More and more municipalities are choosing to become energy-neutral. This requires a lot of land. Plots that are suitable for solar parks, for example, are wedged between railways and motorways or dykes. Noise barriers, landfill sites and undeveloped industrial estates are also suitable. In addition, many municipalities have land that for the time being is not suitable for housing. Agricultural land is also often suitable. Agricultural land in particular, where arable farming is not very profitable, is interesting to consider for a solar park.

Site assessment

For each site, we first carry out a quick scan. This quick scan assesses the chances of a successful development based on a large number of criteria. Within a few days, it becomes clear whether a plot can be developed and under what conditions.

Ground contract

If the location assessment shows that a plot is suitable for a solar park, we will make the landowner an offer to lease or purchase the land. In the case of a lease, we will agree on a period in which we can arrange all the necessary permits. Once the permits have been granted, the financing of the solar park is a fact and the construction of the park can be started, a building lease right will be established with the assistance of a notary for the agreed duration of the lease.

Request in principle

An initial request is submitted to the municipality to test the willingness to grant the permit. This plan describes the basic principles of the technical design, the communication with the surroundings and the measures for fitting in with the landscape and society. If the municipality is positive in principle about the proposed initiative for the realisation of a solar park, this will be the starting point for further development of our plan.