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Nature Inclusive Solar Parks

Solar parks necessary for energy transition

European countries are committed to stop their greenhouse gases emissions by 2050. The Energy Agreement sets agressive targets by 2023. In order to achieve these objectives, governments are stimulating the development of sustainable energy. Solar energy is of great importance in realising these targets. Unfortunately, solar on rooftops alone is not enough, and large scale ground mounted solar parks are therefore necessary. The big question is 'where', and 'how'?

What are Nature Inclusive Solar Parks?

Nature inclusive solar parks provide sustainable energy and contribute to improving local biodiversity. That means that when designing the parks, we pay a lot of attention to careful integration into the landscape. Concrete measures will be taken to stimulate the local flora and fauna around the park. During the operating phase, we will take serious measures in the area to ensure a green management of the park.

Why Nature Inclusive Solar Parks?

Land is scarce and valuable in most European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We therefore have to manage the land use in an intelligent manner. For this reason, we choose to develop solar parks on polluted, industrial or infrastructural land. However, we also realise that without the use of agricultural land with low agronomic value, the objectives of the energy transition will not be achieved. The use of low value agricultural land is therefore necessary. By developing a solar park by nature, we contribute not only to the energy transition but also to the improvement of local biodiversity.

Local cooperation

Each plot of land is often located close to a local community. Community support is essential for the development of a successful solar park. That's why Sunvest focuses on developing its solar farms in coordination with the local community. The interests of the landowner, local residents and the local community must be taken into consideration. In short, a solar power plant by nature must be well adapted to both the landscape and society as a whole. The solar park by nature does offer benefits for the landowner, the landscape, nature and the local community.

Nature Inclusive Solar Parks

These are parks that provide sustainable energy and contribute to improving local biodiversity.

Local collaboration

A nature inclusive solar park is well-suited to both the landscape and society. It offers benefits to the landowner, the landscape, nature and the local community.

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