Schapen tussen zonnepanelen zonnepark Duurkenakker

Operation of

Natural Solar Parks

Asset management

Once the project has been completed, the operational phase begins. The sustainably generated electricity is supplied to customers via the public electricity grid. In this phase, all attention is focused on optimising the production of solar power. Faults are solved as quickly as possible and the solar panels are cleaned when necessary.

Natural management

The green management of the solar park is essential if the desired extra nature value is to be achieved. The greenery around the park must also be well maintained. Good management ensures that the shrubs are actually compacted and that the panels are kept out of sight. It is often also desirable to keep the bushes low enough to preserve sightlines. We prefer to use local parties for the management, preferably local residents or the landowner himself. They know the local situation well and can respond directly to the wishes or complaints of local residents. We manage ecologically, without the use of pesticides. Mowing is done extensively, taking into account the cycle of butterflies, insects and birds. Where necessary, we apply sine waves. Depending on the desired final situation of the soil, we 'mow' the land under and between the panels with sheep or mechanically, removing the clippings. With small livestock, the land remains more agriculturally cultivated, so that after 25 years it can quickly be switched back to the agricultural treatment of before. With mechanical mowing and removal of the mowed material, the land becomes impoverished more quickly, which creates a better starting point for circular agriculture or nature development after the park has been dismantled.


To be able to cope with surpluses and shortages of generated energy, we are working on balancing solutions. This is currently the issue of energy transition. Examples include wind and solar energy combinations and systems that can store energy temporarily. Storage and balancing can further increase the yield of solar projects. By temporarily storing the generated electricity and supplying it when demand is highest, we contribute to balancing the electricity grid.


    De zonneparken van Sunvest worden gebouwd door haar moederbedrijf ProfiNRG. In die gevallen is ProfiNRG niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor de bouw maar ook voor de ontmanteling van het zonnepark. ProfiNRG is medeoprichter, zit in het bestuur en is lid van de Stichting Zonne-energie Recycling Nederland (ZRN). Daarnaast is ProfiNRG lid van Stichting Open (Organisatie Producentenverantwoordelijkheid E-waste Nederland). Via deze stichting draagt ProfiNRG een verwijdingsbijdrage af voor het zonnepark en wordt voldaan aan de richtlijn Afgedankt Elektrisch en Elektronisch Afval (AEEA). We zorgen hiermee voor goede en milieuvriendelijke verwerking van bekabeling, transformatoren, zonnepanelen en omvormers. Als ze niet meer gebruikt kunnen worden, worden ze gerecycled. Tenslotte spreekt Sunvest bij de vergunningverlening af met de betrokken gemeente dat zij aan het eind van haar looptijd het park netjes weer opruimt en de grond met de oorspronkelijke functie gebruikt kan worden.

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