Sunvest is a member of a solar branch organization endorsing a code of conduct for solar energy. In this code of conduct, the branch organization and several associations for nature and environment have agreed upon principles for achieving energy transition goals by means of Solar on Land. In France, Sunvest is partnering with local organizations to initiate Nature Inclusive Solar Parks (NISP) and support the growth of biodiversity and sustainable energy by means of a NISP certified solar park. For instance, in the Dutch city of Maastricht, Sunvest is realizing the first NISP certified solar project in Europe. This certification will be done by an independent certification body.

Involving local residents in the choices about the plan, the design and the possibility to participate financially.We share the benefits and burdens of the solar park fairly with the local community. In almost all projects we work with the local energy cooperative. We usually offer to donate part of the return to local nature and sustainable energy initiatives.

A good choice of location and design, which offers added value to the local nature. Local residents will also benefit.

Enabling the original use of the land after the lifespan of the solar park. As the land owner of our solar parks, we offer the land at the end of exploitation to use it afterwards for Nature or Circular agriculture.