Vegetatie voor particuliere zonnepark

Attractive returns

Solar parks on private land

You have land that you now lease or you once bought land as an investment. Perhaps the land was once intended for housing, but the necessary change of use has not taken place. We offer you an attractive return if you lease your land for the construction of a solar park! Would you rather sell your land? Even then we can make you a proposal that is not only financially attractive but also ensures a sustainable future.

A solar farm as a valuable investment

Sunvest enters into at least a 30-year building lease contract with the land owner. A solar park quickly produces interesting annual return per hectare! And in the event of a sale, up to twice the agricultural value. The fee is indexed annually. Sunvest organises the entire process from design to installation and maintenance.


Generate income with your land

Would you also like to benefit from our knowledge and experience? We would like to explore the possibilities with you!

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Eya Charfeddine