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As a project developer

More return on your land

Have you purchased agricultural land for the construction of new residential areas or business parks, but the development is stagnating? By leasing this land for the construction of a solar park, you will generate income.

Moreover, the construction of a solar park increases the likelihood that the zoning will eventually be changed to residential or industrial. This creates a win-win situation.

Solar park as a source of income

We would be happy to perform a scan on part or all of your portfolio to determine the possibilities for developing a solar park on your land. If we can make agreements on several locations, we can also make agreements on the distribution of the returns from the developed solar parks.

Generate new income with the land on which little is currently being done. A solar park can easily yield an interesting revenu per hectare per year depending on the land! And in the event of a sale, up to twice the agricultural value.


Generate income with your land

Would you also like to benefit from our knowledge and experience? We would like to explore the possibilities with you!

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Eya Charfeddine