Project development of

Natural Solar Parks

Elaboration of plan

After a positive decision on the request for principle, we will carry out capacity studies. The realisation of a solar park can have a major impact on the landscape. Together with landscape architects and ecologists, we are looking for ways to fit our projects into the landscape in the best possible way. Many factors (height of the structures, the ecology and vegetation in and around the park and the fencing) determine the appearance of a solar park. And thus the acceptance of the park by its surroundings. During this phase, there is intensive communication with those living in the immediate vicinity. They usually have a say in what the definitive plans will look like. In this phase, it is determined together with those living in the neighbourhood how financial participation by the neighbourhood can best be achieved. By involving the local community at an early stage in the design of the solar park, including the details of financial participation, support for the park is increased.

Environmental permit

The environmental permit can be applied for if all the requirements can be met. In practice, this means that studies have been completed, requested reports are finalised, communication with the surroundings has been carried out and the feedback from this has been translated into a broadly supported plan with a landscape design that meets the wishes and requirements of interested parties.

Environmental communication

Identifying all the wishes of the surrounding area for the solar park is an important part of developing the plan.