Two options

What suits your situation, rental or sale?

As a landowner, you have roughly two choices if you want to make land available for the development of a solar park. You can rent land to Sunvest or you can sell land. Sunvest will then conclude a contract with you in which the agreements regarding the intention to buy or rent are laid down.

The actual start of the lease or purchase only takes place once the financing and the necessary permits have been obtained. This is usually 3 years after the conclusion of the contract of intent. The fee depends greatly on the size of the possible farm and the cost of the grid connection. It makes no difference to us whether you want to rent or sell. We let it depend on your personal situation and your wishes.

Thinking along

We are familiar with the specific tax regulations for agricultural companies. This enables us to make you a suitable proposal in cooperation with tax specialists.


This prevents unforeseen tax payments when renting or selling your agricultural land.


Want to know what we can do for you?

Would you like to know whether your plot is a suitable location for a Natural Solar Park? Please contact us! One of our colleagues, will be happy to help.

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