Land available?

Low-value agricultural land especially wanted

The government’s preference is usually to first use polluted, degraded, industrial or infrastructure land for the development of solar parks. We support this policy. However, we also realise that without the use of low value agricultural land, the objectives of the energy transition will be hard to achieve. Low value agricultural land is therefore necessary.


What aspects are important

Not every location is suitable for the development of a Natural Solar Park. Before we can say whether a project has a chance of success, we look at whether the location is suitable for a Natural Solar Farm. To this end, we look at various aspects and like to visit the site to get a complete picture. The following aspects are important:


For a profitable project, the plots must be at least 10ha.

The availability of a grid connection

Distance to the grid connection

The shorter the distance to the grid connection, the lower the connection costs.

Conformity with government spatial policy

The number of people living in the immediate vicinity who have a view of the location

Spatial policy

If the government’s spatial policy offers scope, the plan can be worked on.

Local residents

The wishes of those living in the immediate vicinity will be taken into account from the very start of the design of the solar park.

Agricultural land

We find it completely self-evident to concentrate on mainly low-value agricultural land.

Suitable locations

Sunvest is curently active and developing projects in the Benelux and French regions.

We are constantly looking for potential lands for Solar parks in these focus regions.

If you have a location in the region of Benelux or France that you would like to make available for a solar park, please contact us. When you have land available and you are interested in the development of a solar park on your land, Sunvest can investigate the feasibility and check the possibilities of a solar park on your land. For instance, we can do an assessment with the municipalities, the regions and/or the regional directorate of environment, planning and housing and verify the potential of your land for a solar park. When your land has potential of becoming a solar park, we can give you an estimate offer to lease or buy your land.


Sunvest paritcipates in multiple government initiated tenders in the Benelux region and in France. Whether it is land or tarrif tenders (such as the CRE tender, etc) , Sunvest has a great deal of experience in proposing competitive offers and winning tenders.


of our initiatives for solar parks to municipalities and governments actually become concrete and turn into successful operational solar parks.