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A special form of a nature inclusive solar parks is Solar and Agro. Do you want to continue farming for years to come and are you also looking for stable, extra sources of income? Perhaps you have already considered solar panels, but do not want this to be at the expense of your current business operations. In that case, the development of vertical solar panels or a canopy over your fruit trees is very interesting for you. This way, you can continue to farm and let the sun work for you at the same time.

A harvest can be good or bad, just like the prices you get for your product. A solar farm on your plot with space-saving vertical solar panels guarantees a secure yield for the next 30-35 years. By opting for vertical solar panels, you are making optimum use of your plot. There is 8 to 12 metres space between the rows of upright solar panels. That is enough to continue farming. Another option is to place a canopy of solar panels above your fruit trees. These solar panels allow enough light through so that the fruit will grow well and you will have extra income from the solar panels.

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Up to 100% extra income!

Boer in veld met zonnepanelen

The advantages of solar with agro

Higher yield

Another advantage of vertical solar panels?
Because they are double-sided (bi-facial solar panels), the yield is about 15 percent higher than with standard solar panels. Our bi-facial solar panels also capture the maximum amount of sunlight because they face east and west.


A solar park with vertical solar panels or a canopy of solar panels on agricultural land can be a good solution in municipalities where 'traditional' solar parks are normally not an option. In tenders, this kind of application (solar and Agro) gives you an edge over your competitors. Indeed, municipalities attach great importance to soil use optimisation and even make it a priority in their policies.

Nature and Solar installations

By opting for vertical panels of about 3 metres in height, a hybrid landscape of nature and solar park is created. This also provides more space to create more natural value at the edges and thus contributes to positive stimulation of biodiversity.


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Sunvest is looking for agricultural entrepreneurs with parcels of land from 30 hectares for the application of vertical solar panels. We offer you a lease payment depending on the location; this will be on top of your existing income. We ensure the entire development of the solar park with vertical solar panels, including permit application, grid connection, environmental communication, financing, construction and operation of the park.

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