Opslaan en opwekken van zonne-energie

Solar with storage

Sunvest has developed  several solutions for using the available grid capacity as efficiently as possible. One of these efficient solutions is to develop a solar park with temporary storage. More and more solar parks are connected to the public electricity grid. When there is a lot of sun, this results in large amounts of sustainable energy. There is not always room for this on the electricity grid, because the supply of energy is greater than the demand for energy at that time. The solution for this difference in supply and demand lies in temporary storage, which can be done with batteries and hydrogen.

Temporary storage of solar energy

Batteries are suitable for 'peak shaving': they can smoothen the peak in the supply of sustainable energy by efficiently storing (solar) energy and delivering it to the grid later in the day. As a result, sustainable energy from solar parks will also be available in the evening and at night, meaning that there is no need to generate energy from fossil sources at those times. Storage of energy in the form of hydrogen has other advantages over battery storage: for example, hydrogen can be stored for a long time (seasonal storage), and hydrogen can be transported via gas pipelines instead of the electricity grid. We create opportunities to make projects that seem financially unfeasible possible by combining a solar park with storage.


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Opslag en opwerk zonne-energie