Cable pooling

Optimal use of your grid connection

Are you a developer of wind projects and you consider to develop a solar farm next to your wind turbines, then we would like to discuss it with you.  Together, we will investigate the possibilities of making double use of the existing grid connection. Naturally, we will pay an attractive fee for the solar plant.

Are you interested in developing an energy park?

By an energy park, we mean a park where solar and wind energy are developed jointly. In this way, optimal benefit can be gained from a joint grid connection by means of cable pooling. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Cable pooling

Make better use of your grid connection. There is often still room for supply, mainly in summer.

Sun and wind

Combining solar and wind makes good use of your grid connection.


Double benefit from your grid connection

Would you also like to benefit from our knowledge and experience? We would be happy to explore the possibilities with you! Please contact Sunvest at: phone: +31 618949278 or e-mail: