Additional revenue

New income for your land

If you have land at your disposal that you are leasing, we can make you an interesting offer for the construction of a nature inclusive solar park! If you prefer to sell your land ? we can also make you an offer that is not only financially interesting but it also ensures a more sustainable future.

Coverage after activity interruption 

Are you planning to cease your activities on your land? If so, we would also like to make you an offer that is financially attractive and eco-friendly.

In a word

Advantages of using land with poor agronomic value to develop a solar plant

Energy transition

By using land with low agronomic value for the construction of solar power plants, we participate in the optimisation of land use and contribute to energy transition.

Win-win situation

The solar park can generate you additional income and will at the same time contribute to achieving the climate objectives. At the end of the operation period, the land can be used again.

Dual use of land

Furthermore, our solar parks offer possibilities for dual use depending on the type of land. We would be happy to discuss the different possibilities with you to maximize your profits from the land.


Generate additional income from your land

Would you also like to benefit from our knowledge and experience? 

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Eya Charfeddine


Contribute to climate objectives while retaining income.