Extra income

New income from your land

You have land that you now rent out (agriculturally), or you once bought land as an investment. Perhaps the land was once intended for housing, but the necessary change of use has not taken place. We offer you an attractive return if you lease your land for the construction of a solar park! Would you rather sell your land? Even then we can make you a proposal that is not only financially attractive but also ensures a sustainable future.

Benefit after closing down your business

Are you considering closing down your business? Then we would also like to talk to you. We will be happy to make you a proposal that is not only financially attractive but also offers a sustainable future.

 If you sell your land, it can yield up to twice the agricultural value. We would like to explore the possibilities with you!

At a glance

Advantages of using agricultural land for a solar farm

Energy transition

When agricultural land is used to create a solar park, this contributes to energy transition.

Win-win situation

The solar park generates income and at the same time contributes to the climate objectives. The agricultural zoning will be retained. At the end of the term, the land can be used for agriculture again.

Double use

Our solar parks also offer scope for dual use. For example, grazing small livestock, or partial planting of crops. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


Generate income with your land

Would you also like to benefit from our knowledge and experience? We are happy to look into the possibilities with you! Please contact us.

For Belgium: phone: +33 1 89 20 38 86 or Email: info@sunvest.be
For France: phone: +33 1 89 20 38 86 or Email: info@sunvest.fr
For Netherlands: phone: +31 30 341 0999 or e-mail: info@sunvest.nl


Contribute to climate objectives while retaining income.