CO2 reduction

Sustainable electricity for large-scale offtakers

Are you a large-scale offtaker of electricity and would you like to make it more sustainable? Then get in touch with us! We will look at locations in your neighbourhood to develop a Natural Solar Park. We can then make long-term agreements with you to supply the power to you. This enables you to use sustainable energy for your business processes. Some examples of such large offtakers are producers and processors of steel, rubber and plastics, producers of chemical and pharmaceutical products and processors of potatoes, vegetables and fruit. 

Making your company more sustainable

If desired, it is also possible to jointly invest in the solar park to be developed. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of (jointly) developing a solar park to make your business processes more sustainable? Then get in touch with us!

Local energy

With a Natural Solar Farm nearby, you benefit directly from local energy.

Increasing sustainability

We understand the need for sustainability like no other. We like to think along with you through creative solutions.


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